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I've somehow avoided all the sex scenes in this game

The Android versions are not working properly all the time crashes


No update in well over a year rip game

They actually made an update this year on their patreon, 10th of August, aka 6 days ago.

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First off, it is better to download the game. It seems to work better than the browser version. Secondly, it is a great find with some nice fun scenes.

Sadly, there is no activity to be seen, so it might be a dead project. I personally hope it will continue at some point as it has some great potential.

Edit: Some other bugs appear in the downloaded version, so there is different trouble with both of them.

I love this game of it's texts alone but one problem I have on mobile is the gallery as I want to go to next page but it didn't go it just stay on the same page and there's been no update for a long time so is the game also officially dead?


At first place i played coz i was horny af, but after i played coz of huge amount of humor. 11/10

oh what a cute job simu- oh..

is it just me or does day 4 not work for anyone else after the 'do the bishes' option at the start
also is it just me or does night 3 just seem weird, like; the writing just feels wocky and from what i remember doesnt seem like it makes sense with this game, like, who is that, why is there a church, was there just nobody else there to see them naked and get in the wrong booth, wha

sorry to ask but when another update

no 32bit?


This is the best kobold simulator I could have ever dreamed for, also agree with that last guy the soundtrack extremely fits all the goofy wholesome characters. The Windows download worked perfectly for me and I wish to love and protecc the wizard kobold



i am late to the party but what is the difference between the "stable" and "experimental" builds?

Is it impossible to mix the vampire's drink right? I've redone it numerous times, but can't have her satisfied.


For some reason when playing in browser on Android it won't let me go past the first text box..... I can navigate the menu, start the game, and select a day, but after that first text box pops up no matter where I click on the screen it won't continue on to the next set of text :(

I think the game is dead, there hasn't been any updates or activity from the dev in month


It crashes every time I select a day, on the android and web versions

i am unable to get  2 of the scenes 

i didnt know what i was expecting until i saw the 311 MB download...


Pretty sure the drink mixing in day 3 is bugged in the most recent stable windows version. Unless I'm missing something, Alexis wants the bottom ingredient and middle ingredient shaken. Well I've tried every possible 2 ingredient combination, shaken and stirred and none were acceptable. Either the instructions lie about how to make it, or the game lies about me getting it right. 

is night 3 route 2 even possible

homestuck detected

The wizard message board is hilarious.

Is this game a gay furry VN?


the gay and straight stuff are in separate episodes. I don't browse the gay, nor am I a furry, but it shows it in the transcript

can you make it chrome compatible please



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On the right of the screen there is a piece of paper with instructions.

You have to pick the correct ingredients for a certain drink, then you have to either stir or shake (the “TIPS” part of the instuctions'll tell you to stir/shake). And it's done, not big deal.

i made the first drink but then the game gets stuck with the cyan kobolt saying ":" i the transcript

call me an idiot but those instructions give me brain damage xD

Cute. What's the pixel font used on the end cards?

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The Game Is Great But Loading Seems To Crash and One Scene Just Dosent Work. If You Can fix That It Would Be Fantastic. edit:Its On Day 3 On The Right Part. None Of The choices Work. And Sometimes It Just Does Not Work.

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Is it normal for the characters to be completely blacked out?


Haha, i didn't know this would have pr0n in it, wanted a job resume and got pr0n. :(


i think you need to READ before you play games...

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I tried the android version but it only crashed instead


Ive completed every single route except for slobbos i can't figure it out its so frustrating amazing game other than that


you  know the part where she tells you to pull out your gun and a choice appears briefly, before automatically disappearing and the story goes on? you have to have a trigger finger and click 1 of them before it disappears i think.


Great game! Laughed my ass off at many scenes, only complaint is that on the android version (APK) whenever you load a save file the background for that scene turns black. Except that, keep up the good work! :)


the clown shop is just gamzee dont try to deny it


I need help! The Android version does not work it just goes to a black screen then returns to the home screen this game seems really damn cool and it's ashame that it doesn't work right now

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